Alternative Heating Systems

Berryville Alternative Heating Systems

Looking for an alternative way to heat your Berryville home? Call Lou Who Contracting today at (540) 955-3991 to learn more about eco-friendly ways to keep your house warm!

Alternative Systems – Radiant Heating & Geothermal

Consumers as well as the government are reacting to the growing concerns about our environment. In addition to providing the latest energy efficient heating and cooling systems which run on conventional energy sources we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the choice of an even greener alternative systems.Lou Who Contracting approaches each project with environmental concerns as well as customer comfort.

When it comes to Alternative Systems, we offer our expertise and the backing of the manufacturers and distributors we are partners with. Lou Who Heating and Air Conditioning has developed strong relationships with our partners. Two of the most recent radiant heat and geothermal projects we have worked on have involved new products and technologies being implemented for the first time in the United States. The engineers from Rehau have worked with us hand in hand during installation and start up to ensure that the system performed per expectations. We are proud to be a leader in the field of alternative heating and cooling systems.

Radiant Heat Flooring Installation This is some of the new technology we have used. The picture was taken while installing a radiant heat floor system in the basement to heat the 1st floor of a 150 year old home.
Alternative Systems

Another project we are proud of is working with Lauten Construction. Here is a link to an article from the Washington Post about the new LEED homes being built there in which Lou Who Heating and Air Conditioning is installing a Geothermal heat pump.

Washington Post Geothermal Construction Article

These homes are designed to incorporate all the newest technologies to conserve energy, water and environmental resources.

These will be the first homes in Loudoun County, Virginia to attain LEED for Homes Certification, U.S. Green Building Council, which saves energy and money. A valuable asset today and a valuable reselling tool in the future.

Tax Incentives for going Green

Check into Government Tax Incentives for going “Green”.

Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
“The biggest benefit of GHPs (Geothermal Heat Pumps) is that they use 25%–50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems.” – US Dept of Energy website

Advantages of Radiant Heat Flooring
Radiant heat flooring systems allow even heating throughout the whole floor, not just in localized spots. The room heats from the bottom up, warming the feet and body first. Radiant heat flooring also eliminates the draft and dust problems associated with forced-air heating systems.

Looking for an alternative way to heat your Berryville home? Call Lou Who Contracting today at (540) 955-3991 to learn more about eco-friendly ways to keep your house warm!

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